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  • Coconut Flour | Gluten Free | Organic

    70p / 100g (Organic)

    Coconut flour provides a wheat-free alternative in baking and adds fibre and natural sweetness. It can be added to sweet and savoury cooking as well as adding protein to drinks. Coconut flour is more finely milled than coconut powder and is pressed to remove most of the oil in order to give it a flour-like consistency.

  • Gram Flour | Gluten Free | Organic

    39p / 100g (Organic Shipton Mill)

    Made from 100% chana dhal this golden flour helps create volume in your gluten-free bread by adding a welcome boost of protein and fibre, also great for making batters to deep-fry vegetables.
    Blend it with white rice flour and some starch in your home baking. Toasting the flour before use develops the flavour.

  • Muesli | Gluten Free

    60p / 100g

    Gluten-free oats with pineapple, papaya, sultanas and raisins

  • Oats | Gluten Free

    60p / 100g

  • Quinoa Flour | Gluten Free | Organic

    £1.20 / 100g (Organic Shipton Mill)

    Milled from the finest white quinoa which has long been lauded for its nutritional benefits, this flour is high in protein which gives a great boost to your gluten-free loaves and complements the flavour in savoury blends. Try mixing it with white teff, sorghum, rice and millet. It makes a really good, crunchy cracker when you blend it with gluten-free oats.

  • Rice Flour | Gluten Free | Organic

    33p / 100g (Organic Shipton Mill)

    Made from one of the largest staple grains in the world, this flour is a great all-rounder with a neutral taste.

  • Rice Fusilli | Gluten-Free

    75p / 100g