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  • Brazil Decaf| Peak Bean Coffee

    £2 / 100g

    This medium bodied decaffeinated coffee has lovely cocoa, almond notes with a hint of delicious dark cherry.

    The Swiss Water Process came to life in Switzerland during the 1930s. This process is less invasive to the final coffee and with superior taste to chemical processes. Not only is it certifiable as an organic process, this method really does offer a great tasting alternative.

  • Dragon’s Back Brew | Peak Bean Coffee

    £1.905/ 100g

    A fusion of Indonesian, Peruvian & Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans. Nutty, chocolate, caramel flavours with hints of citrus and spice.

  • Eccles Pike Blend | Peak Bean Coffee

    £1.95 / 100g

    This Espresso Blend is a great coffee. We’ve chosen a base bean from the Cerrado region of Brazil. We take the Brazillian beans and blend them with some of our other arabica beans on offer, from Indonesia and Tanzania, to balance the beverage and give it the right amount of depth for your enjoyment.

    Full City Roast

    Reminds us of Chocolate, ripe forest fruit, honey and walnut.

    Though this is an espresso blend, it can be enjoyed ground and brewed as cafetiere or Aeropress drink. We recommend it for those looking for a fuller flavour coffee.

  • Guatemala SHB | Peak Bean Coffee

    £1.90 / 100g

    Guatemala produces some of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. The country’s unique coffee producing regions have gained a positive and well known reputation in the industry. Coffee is Guatemala’s number one export contributing to the country’s growing economic status.

    Full City Roast
    This Fair Trade quality coffee contains notes of dark chocolate and cherries. It consistently produces a flavour that is sweet, round in body, and of medium acidity.
    SHB stands for “Strictly Hard Bean” meaning that the plants have been grown in high altitudes and the beans are considered to be of high quality.

  • Kinder Morning | Peak Bean Coffee

    £1.90 / 100g

    An African Coffee blend consisting of some gorgeous arabica beans from Tanzania and Ethiopia.

    Medium to Full City Roast

    This is a blended coffee that is full of flavour reminding one of lovely deep forest fruits and cherries then finishes off with a hint of lemon. An ideal drink to start your day.

  • Mam Tor | Peak Bean Coffee

    £1.90 / 100g

    We decided to mix it up a bit with this coffee blend, consisting of one of our favourites, Costa Rican SHB and new to the house, Indonesia Java beans.

    Medium City Roast

    A mellow coffee that is great without milk. The first mouthful bursts with fruit then develops into a slightly nutty taste with some caramel overtones.