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  • Coconut Shaving Bowl


    MadeMade out of dried coconut that would have otherwise gone to waste, these shaving bowls have a natural exterior and flattened base.

  • Ecoliving Plastic-free Safety Razor


    A double edge safety razor, made in the UK. This beautiful chrome reusable safety razor is handcrafted right here in the UK! This razor will have a very low carbon footprint and it also reduces plastic pollution from your daily shave. Includes 5 plastic free blades and is an ideal razor for beginners.

  • Friendly Shaving Soap


    Forget your foams and junk your gels: this naturally soothing soap makes a wonderful lather for a comfier wet shave. All Friendly soaps are vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free – a planet friendly choice.

  • Razor Blades


    Replacement packs for our razors.

  • Rugged Nature Shave Oil


    This Orange and Eucalyptus Shave Oil has a fresh and invigorating scent. Apply a small amount of the Oil before applying what you would normally use to shave for hydrated skin and a closer shave. It will also extend the life of your razor. Produced in the UK with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Rugged Nature Wooden Handle Safety Razor


    High quality rosewood handled safety razor. Each handle is hand turned and unique for the true authentic feel. Made from stainless steel each razor will give you years of service 

  • Shaving Brush


    Bamboo handles and soft bristles to get a good lather!