What is a zero-waste shop?

A zero-waste shop aims to minimise the impact of shopping on the environment by buying in bulk and allowing shoppers to only buy what they need and to use their own packaging. Some, like Millers’ Refillers Zero Waste Shop, aim to provide good food at accessible prices, some are cooperatives and some focus entirely on ethical &/or organic purchasing. In many ways they are a return to the grocers of old when people shopped local, little and often and buying 2oz of something rather than being forced to buy a pound, was the norm.
No, we have plenty of brown paper bags and you can also buy various sizes of jars from us. BUT you can also bring anything with you that you want to reuse – takeaway cartons, old jars or tea caddies. We also often have spares that people have donated as well! These will all have gone through a dishwasher first to sterilise.
If you have brought in your own containers, you need to ‘tare weight’ them before filling. It’s easier to do this on arrival at the till closest to the door. If you tap the ‘container label’ area, it will weigh your container and take a tare weight that will be subtracted from your final weight after you have put your items in. A sticky label then comes out of the till for you to put on your container. This is also the case if you bring in used cleaning spray containers etc for our household section. Just weigh on arrival then fill with your chosen product. Then, just find what you need and put as much as you want to into the container. You only pay for what you take. You don’t have to fill any container up; just buy what you need. If it’s a spoon of spice for a recipe, then that’s fine or you can refill a jar with something you use often. When your containers are full, return to the scales and place your container on. Select the product (there are categories but also the A-Z works very well if you aren’t sure). You use the hand scanner to scan the original container label, tap the product and then it generates a sticky label for the weight of the stuff. Then you take it to the till to pay. We take cash and cards.
It is a self-service operation and we currently allow 3 customers in at a time for safety. If you have children with you, there is a table at which they can sit while you are shopping. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance and we also have cotton gloves for you to wear to avoid cross-contamination. When you finish shopping, just drop your used gloves in the basket by the till and we will wash them for reuse! If you are shielding or do not want to come into the shop, please message us and we will organise a delivery (New Mills only) or have your shopping list ready for collection. We look forward to meeting you all x

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